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Javier Rosario Trio Vol. I: A Celebration of Life

"Guitarist Javier Rosario goes both electric and acoustic on this muscular and musical collection of originals in a trio format with drummer Zak King and bassist Scott Kiefner. As palpable as Rosario’s tone is while plugged in for the trio format, his solo material is tender and patient. The combination of assertive trio and impressionistic unplugged moments makes for rewarding listening for jazz guitar fans and aficionados." —George W. Harris, editor at Jazz Weekly

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At the end of 2017, I made a record with genius pianist, Matt Savage and his newest band, Groove Experiment. A year later Splash Variations was released. Enjoy the video promotion and get yourself a copy of this wonderful record! I play specifically on tracks 2, 3 & 6.


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Check out the jazz documentary Sound of Redemption, The Frank Morgan Story. Frank was Charlie Parker's protégé. My friend, pianist and composer, Matt Savage, wrote some of the music for it. I recorded the guitar parts. I am honored to have been part of it.

The Dream by Christie Kanska

I recorded the electric guitar parts and solos on "The Dream" and "Upright Bass Inspiration".

Album Review:

The Reiter Collective.jpg

This was the first album I was asked

to record back in February 22, 2012

at The Record Company in Boston, MA.


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I wanted this album on my website for 

everyone interested in my guitar

playing to be able to track my progress and

guitar journey.

Ghost Town is a powerful opening tune, where the bandleader interweaves expressive voice leading, pungent chords, and crystalline harmonics with unflinching confidence. Following a clearly pronounced bass solo, Rosario plunges into a distorted metal-like spiral, whose broad dirty sound evolves until reaching the tidal chordal washes that conclude the piece." —Filipe Freitas, JazzTrail Writer