Even though I am not sponsored by any of these gear companies (yet!), I believe in their products. Most of it, I have been using for many years. I sincerely hope to become an ambassador for any of these makers at some point in my career.

Orange Crush Pro 60
I purchased my first Orange amp on Thanksgiving 2018. I purchased the second one right at the beginning of March 2019. I am totally happy with them! The identical stereo image being now fully realized has been a vision of mine for a while. Now I just get to enjoy and be completely satisfied.
Orange Crush Pro 60 (2)
The back of the amp (near the speaker) is packed with different inputs. It gives me as a player many options to get my sound out. Very versatile!
Polytone Mini-Brute II
This thing is flawless!
Line 6 POD HD (3)
I could not think of an easier piece of gear for me to carry around. I take mine everywhere!
Line 6 POD HD (2)
I have had one since 2013. Still in love with it!
Line 6 POD HD
I am absolutely satisfied with the options and response I get from the POD.
Line 6 FBV Express MKII
Line 6 FBV Express MKII (2)
Jim Dunlop
Dunlop Max-Grip .88 are amazing! My main guitar picks.
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